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PCA-SAR Events


Autocross is a sport where you try to drive around a course in the shortest possible time. The course is laid out in a big empty parking lot and outlined by orange plastic cones.This is probably the safest and least expensive way to drive your Porsche at the limit. We emphasize safety, fun and speed. For more information click HERE.

ZN 06 15 Cinco AX Greg

Driver's Education
Driver's Ed is your chance to progress beyond autocross which requires you to exit the track after each lap. Unlike autocross, you remain on the course for the entire session. Also, cars are sent out on the course in groups, not individually. This means that in addition to finding the fastest/safest line around the course, you must also deal with traffic. Inevitably, cars will bunch up, and passing is a required and expected part of a practice session. For more information, click HERE.


Concours d' Elegance
Keeping our cars in good condition is pretty important to us. We have several opportunities to show off our labors at both concours d'elegance, a competition for the cleanliness, appearance, and condition of the car, and at car shows around southern Arizona. For more information, click HERE.

It is great fun to caravan together in a line of Porsches. Driving tours are non-competitive driving events, usually with a theme such as visiting wineries, a museum or a distant restaurant for lunch; but sometimes purely for the joy of driving your Porsche. Scenic and twisty roads are often the goal. Tours are an opportunity to bring your spouse, family or friends, meet new friends, see new parts of area where you live and drive new roads. No maps or potentially confusing directions to follow, just a clear and simple goal of enjoying the open road. Our tours last a few hours and often include a meal. For more information about our Tours, click HERE.


Car Shows
It's fun to line our Porsches up with all the other cars and look around at some of the amazing vehicles people in southern Arizona own. It's also an opportunity to recruit new members! Every year our club participates in the Casa Car Show in Tucson and the Tubac Car Show in Tubac. It's fun to line our Porsches up with all the other cars and look around at some of the amazing vehicles people in southern Arizona own. It's also an opportunity to recruit new members! Have a look at a couple of Tubac car show pictures, and check for upcoming shows. Click HERE to read about one of our many Tubac car shows. 


The Southern Arizona Region (SAR) has a long and rich history of charitable activities. Our club raises money for selected charities twice a year, at our Cinco de Mayo event in May and at our Charity autocross in October. In addition, we participate in several charity events organized by other local groups. Click HERE for more information. 


Community Service
A Porsche car club doing community service? You bet! We drive on these roads so we should take care of them in the best way that we can. Now obviously we are not going to be able to fill potholes or grade and repave the bad parts, but it turns out that there is a way for us to help. For more information about our Community Service, click HERE.


Porsche Car Education and Technical Resources
Find out more about your Porsche! Our region conducts technical discussions of our cars, where you can learn about basic maintenance or track driving techniques. We also hold some membership meetings at local Porsche or racing shops, where you can hear experts talk about topics from racing equipment to changing the oil. Click HERE to see our list of helpful links of technical resources to help you with your Porsche. 

Kirk and Axel

Membership Meetings
Member meetings allow the Club Officers, Chairpersons and active members to get together to discuss Club business, upcoming events, and anything else Porsche related. Every member of the Club, family members and prospective members are welcome. We meet in various locations across the Tucson area the first Tuesday of every month. We usually have a bite to eat and socialize from 6pm-7pm and the meetings start at 7pm. Check our calendar to see where we will be next! For more information about our Membership Meetings, click HERE

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