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2014 Tubac Car Show — the Best Ever, Again?

By Tom Sherman – Lifetime Member

While our display count of 42 Porsches was only second to last year’s best ever 53, other accomplishments and considerations clearly justify this show being tied with last year as our Best Ever. The summary below is followed by all the details.

  • For the fourth consecutive year, Mother Nature was in an accommodating mood.
  • The total registered vehicle count was 497.
  • Beginning this year, Porsches were displayed intwo separate classes — Class 13 for year 1999 & Older, and Class 14 for year 2000 to Present. Not lost in the details is the fact that the number of Porsche awards just jumped from three to six!
  • The registered Porsche count was 44 — the second most ever.
  • The displayed Porsche count was 42 vehicles, also the second best. (20 vehicles in Class 13 and 22 vehicles in Class 14.)
  • SAR members swept all Porsche podiums — for the fourth consecutive year!
  • For the first time ever, an SAR member vehicle captured the Most Unique in Show award.
  • The spectator count was over 2400.

Each January brings our annual trip south to Tubac for the largest collection of Porsches in any car show in Southern Arizona. And the 20th Annual Collector Car Show (aka Tubac Car Show), held on driving-range grass at the Tubac Golf Resort, did not disappoint!

The morning of January 25 began at McDonald’s on Irvington at I-19 with an Egg McMuffin, coffee, and the signing of release forms. The Porsche designated arrival time of 8:30 a.m. necessitated a 7:45 departure. So at exactly 7:45, our convoy of 20+ vehicles, headed south. Unlike last year, with a damp driving range creating a significant delay at Tubac, this year, it was non-stop from McDonald’s to Rows 13 and 14 on the driving range. Joining us in Tubac were non-caravan club members, Phoenix-area Porsches from the Arizona Region, and other Porsches from Tucson area owners.

Show vehicles are placed in classes based on vehicle manufacturer, vehicle type, or year built. This year, 22 classes were defined, including two Porsche Classes. The two Porsche Classes with 44 registered entries, again was the largest single-marque entry. Each entrant receives a ballot, and is asked to select the top vehicle in each class. Awards are given to the top three vehicles in each class based on votes received. Single awards also are given to both Most Unique in Show and Best in Show.

At 3:00 p.m., the award ceremony began on schedule. As usual, our question was, “Will SAR members sweep the Porsche podium(s), as we had done the past three year?” And yes, again we did — for the fifth time in the past eight years! As expected, having two Porsche classes provides several benefits ... the most significant being the three awards reserved for the newer Porsches that no longer have to compete against the earlier models that folks continue to love. The earlier models also experienced a visual benefit ... the nine displayed 356s, close together all in the same row, were a wonderful sight!

For the 2014 Show, Porsches receiving awards include: Class 13 Porsche 1999 & Older

1st Steve Proctor – 1958 Red 356 A Speedster 2nd Bob Strickler – 1953 Radium Green 356

3rd Dennis Crowley – 1953 Cream 356 Pre-A

Class 14 Porsche 2000 to Present

1st Marty McBride – 2013 Platinum Silver Boxster S

2nd Scott Evans – 2014 Silver 991 Turbo Carrera 4S Coupe

3rd Don Angell – 2013 Guards Red Boxster S

Most Unique in Show

Ryan Volin – 1960 Red Diesel Tractor/Junior

What a day! Great weather, beautiful cars, gorgeous Porsches, friendly socializing, three new club members, and a few additional prospective members. Who could ask for more? But in fact, there was more — the warm hospitality of Vickie and Richard Channell, who again opened their Sahuarita home for an after-the-event gathering. Conveniently on the way home (for many of us), their home was host for 40+ guests. Thank you, Vickie and Richard!

If you have yet to experience a Tubac Car Show, either as a participant or a spectator, you are long overdue. Widely accepted as the best car show in our area (and always the number one show for Porsche participation), it’s a treat to display your car, or just go enjoy the volumes of eye candy. Hope to see you there next January, where we hope to display over 50 Porsches again!

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